Obtaining the first rank of the National Policy Award by Diaran Association

In November 2019, the Society of Think Tanks in Iran proudly announced the inauguration of the inaugural National Policy Award of Iran. This distinguished award aimed to recognize and showcase impactful research and initiatives from think tanks across the country. The Iranian think tank community aspired to pinpoint the most successful projects that positively shaped the nation’s policy and decision-making landscape, presenting them as exemplary models within the country’s think tank ecosystem. The National Policy Award unfolded in three key stages:

– Project Submission by Collections
– Presentation of Selected Projects in Thematic Panels
– Presentation of the Best Projects in the Presence of the Award Jury

The first stage witnessed the submission of 254 strategic and policy projects by 53 think tanks and research centers in Iran. Among them, the Diaran Association, known for its substantial contributions to improving Iran’s immigration laws and conducting research on immigration-related issues, submitted two noteworthy projects:

“The Purgatory of Stateless in the Motherland” (highlighting changes in citizenship laws resulting from marriages between Iranian women and non-Iranian men)
“The Narrative of a Change in Immigration Policies with a Focus on the Life of International Elites and Entrepreneurs in Iran”
These projects covered a spectrum of thematic areas, with “Economy,” “Social and Cultural,” “Governance,” and “Foreign Policy” being the most prevalent among the submitted research endeavors.

Moving to the second stage, 61 projects, including both from the Diaran Association, advanced to specialized panels. Notably, “The Purgatory of Stateless in the Motherland” and the “Stairs of Hope” project progressed in the social challenges and harms panel and the science and technology panel, respectively.

The excellence of Diaran’s projects was further evident as both secured the top position in their respective panels, earning them a spot in the final stage of the National Policy Award. The culmination occurred on July 24th and 25th, 1400, at the Society of Iranian Think Tanks, where a distinguished panel of judges, including Saber Mirzaei, Mohammad Jalal, Roohollah Izadkhah, Ali Sarzaim, and Alireza Abdulzadeh, determined the project of the year.

جایزه ملی سیاستگذاری
جایزه ملی سیاستگذاری

Diaran Association triumphed at the closing ceremony on August 10, 1400, clinching the coveted title of “Project of the Year” with “The Purgatory of Stateless in the Motherland.” Peyman Haghighattalab and Mohsen Shahrabi received accolades for their outstanding contributions. The judges commended Diaran’s activities, emphasizing the belief and concern reflected in their projects. With an impressive 224 points, “The Purgatory of Stateless in the Motherland” stood out as the project of the year for Diaran Association.

Another noteworthy project from Diaran Association secured a place among the top 5 projects of the year. The competitive landscape concluded with recognition for meritorious projects, each lauded for their valuable contributions to national policymaking.

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